What is the difference between a spade and a shovel?

The spade and shovel battle is on! They really are not that much different from each other, but there are some differences.

The first obvious difference between a spade and a shovel is the blade. The blade on a spade is narrow. The top of the blade is set in a straight line with the handle. This is different from the shovel because the shovels blade is usually curved so you have a place to put your foot to get extra leverage when you move heavy loads.

When should I use a spade?

Spades are used to flatten dirt and to move the dirt around. Because the blade is narrow you might use it to break up the ground but you really wouldn’t want to use it to move large, heavy materials. Keep that in mind when you start a new project in your garden.

When should I use a shovel?

Shovels are used when you need to move large amounts of heavy materials like soil, dirt, rocks, and trash. This is your go to tool for all of heavy-duty needs. For example, The neighbor across the street has a garden. Inside of the garden he put a small man-made pond. He used a shovel to dig the area out to place the tub of the pond into the ground. Shovels are meant to be very sturdy which helps when you are trying to clear out a larger area. The shape of the blade on the shovel is what really makes it shine. The blade is wide and round so it comes to a point at its tip. The other end is curved to give you a place to put your foot so he can really get that shovel deep into the ground.

If you need to dig a large hole or a trench of sorts, the shovel should be your go to tool.